Responsibilities Of Wailing Women

The Wailing women are ordinary and everyday women who love the Lord and obey His commands. We are divinely ordained by the Lord Almighty to serve His Kingdom purpose. Wailing Women must place God First! Then take care of family and household (page 64 of WWW Handbook)

Wailing Women must mourn and cry so that God in His mercy will heal the backsliding of the Church (Zion) and make His House once more “the house of prayer for all nations”. Micah 4:13

We are called to wail and travail in fervent intercession until the Holy Spirit completes His Work in the lives of believers, to bring forth the glorious church. Micah 4:10

Wailing Women are to train yielded women and equip them with the skills to intercede effectively for the Church and the Nations of the World, until the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ and He reigns forever and ever.  Jeremiah 9:17-22, Revelation 11:15.

We use:

  • Prayer

  • Evangelism

  • Mercy Missions

  • Trainings (seminars, retreats, conferences, read WWW published materials)

God our Commander and Chief! has structured the work to move forward under the management of coordinators. A coordinator plans & facilitates the work that the commander leads; organizing various parts (actions, offices, projects, assignments…) of the work of Wailing Women. They make sure that all the people involved in this movement work well together to establish a common aim.

Referencing pages 36-37 in the WWW Handbook, there are 12 major areas of coordination to support the nucleus of the work:

  • Head Coordinator

  • Secretary Coordinator

  • Treasury Coordinator

  • Bible Study Coordinator

  • Prayer Coordinator

  • Welfare Coordinator

  • Worship Team

  • Protocol Team

  • Projects and Investments Coordinator

  • Programs/Conferences Coordinator

  • Evangelism Coordinator

In addition, there are other areas of coordination

  • Widows

  • Wailing Daughters/Sons

  • Transportation

  • Housekeeping

  • Other (as the Lord gives opportunity)

Participation Requirements


1.  Commit to private time seeking the Lord in prayer and meditation.

2.  Use your gifting and talents to serve the Kingdom of God; by seeking the Lord for direction on individual assignments relating to Wailing Women Movement and help in fulfilling it.

3. Regularly attend local chapters meetings in person (regular support of prayer line is not the same as meeting on ground with WW members in your area). 

Chapter Meetings:

  • General Prayer Meetings held weekly

  • Coordinator meetings held weekly

  • State General Meeting Held Monthly

  • Family Fellowship held Monthly

  • Night vigils held Monthly

  1. Team meetings under direction of the coordinators; should have set times to meet to assist in facilitating the work and upcoming events. This should be determined by group availability and necessity. Conference calls can be used as a tool to facilitate these meetings.


  • Team/State Retreats

  • State Conferences

  • National Conference

  • National Coordinator/Leadership Training

  • International Leadership Summit/International Conferences (not mandatory, but encouraged)

  1. Participate on the 24/7 Prayer Line: every member must commit to one hour per day to praying on the prayer line for the Church and the nations.

One Special Note:

Remember we are accountable to God the Director of this Move, so we must “do all things as unto God, and not man”, doing all things “decently and in order” for the Day is at Hand. (Romans 13:11-14)