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Thank you for visiting Wailing Women Worldwide USA Online. We appreciate your time and would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the online form below. You may also contact us using any of the contact details below as well.

God Bless you.


Contact:           Donna Vauk, National Secretary

Email:               donnavauk@aol.com

Phone:              (832) 368-3048

National Email:  wailersusa@yahoo.com

Website:           www.wailingwomenworldwideusa.org

Mailing Address - USA

Wailing Women Worldwide, USA

P.O. Box 655

Hillside, NJ  07205-0655

Wailing Women Worldwide International Home Office

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Contact:          Mrs. Nnaji, Secretary

E-mail:             wailingwomenworldwide@hotmail.com

Website:          www.wailingwomenworldwide.org

Wailing Women Worldwide - USA