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                AUGUST 2016 PRAYER FOCUS

Read Psalm 91

Repentance - Personal, Church and Nation


Bring personal repentance.  Ps 15:1&2 and I John 1:9, 2 Chron. 7:14.


Bring Repentance For The Church before the Lord (Daniel 9:2-19) concerning the following sins: Disunity, lack of trust, backbiting, lack of power, rebellion, heresies, unforgiveness, pollution of God’s Altar, sexual immorality, spiritual adultery, unfaithfulness, corruption, lack of evangelism, complacency, compromise, and betrayal.

Repent on behalf of the Church and its leaders for preaching a compromised, watered down, weak gospel (Is 56:9-12 etc.)

 Jeremiah 3:6 [A Call to Repentance] - The Lord said also to me in the days of Josiah the king: “Have you seen what backsliding Israel has done? She has gone up on every high mountain and under every green tree, and there played the harlot.  Bring Repentance on behalf of the church for ungodliness, acts of idolatry, backsliding, conforming to the world and allowing all manner of abominations in the church.


Need to repent of our:

* Wickedness (hatred, racism, idolatry, immorality and human and sex-trafficking) Ps.32: 1-2

*Blood guiltiness {Abortion, murder, suicides, gun shootings} Ps.51: 1-4

*Unjust laws (same sex marriage) we must repent and cry out for God's mercy, and for Him to withhold Judgment on the nation. Lev. 18: 22-25.


When Jehoshaphat was surrounded by his enemies, he set himself to seek the Lord for a strategy to defeat the enemy. Pray that God would release a strategy to defeat all forms of terrorism.  (2 Chronicles 20:1-3 & 14-17)

Ask the Lord to bring the four winds from the four corners of the earth (Jer. 49:32, 36) to scatter, shatter (v37) and destroy the people who delight in War. Ask the Lord to route the enemy. Decree “Let God Arise” and let the gathering and operation of the enemies be scattered.

Pray that God will defend every city, village, and lands that these radical Islamist are forcibly overtaking, Isaiah 38:6 KJV - And I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria: and I will defend this city.

Isaiah 49:24 & 25. Command the captives of the mighty to be delivered, God to contend with them and save our Children. Declare that everyone held captive by forces such as Boko Haram & ISIS be set free.

Pray the evil plans of all those plotting terror attacks would be thwarted. Pray that whatever the plan, gathering and conspiracy of the enemy will be aborted. Isaiah 8: 9-15.

Pray that terrorist group’s sources of power and strength will be cut off. Declare their communication, their organizational connections, their financing, their intelligence, their resources and armaments will also be cut off.  

Bind the strongman over terrorism. Stand in the gap and contend for terrorists and their victims/captives to be delivered from the demonic forces that have possessed them.

Pray for the Lord to encounter, save, and deliver all those the enemy is using to fight his people for God desires all men to be saved and come to repentance. 1 Tim 2:4.

Pray for the safety and effectiveness of all military personnel assigned to fight terrorism.

Pray the very root of racism will be demolished and love would rule and abide in the heart of man. 1 Cor. 13:13.

The enemy taunts the Living God. Killing Christians, denouncing the way of the Lord, perverting the family unit, and denying the truth. Let us pray God will devour the enemy and all the kingdoms of the earth may know that Thou art the LORD God. 2 Kings 19:16-19.

 USA and the Nations

Pray for the Spirit of Righteousness, Holiness and the Fear of the Lord to rest on our President Barack Obama, and every branch of government. Prov. 14:34; Dan. 6:26

Pray for the peace of Israel and Godly fear for all nations. Psalm 122:6; Ps 99:1 

Wailing Women Worldwide

Pray the Lord would have His way at the upcoming conferences in Nigeria.

Pray for the acceleration of the work in the USA.  Isaiah 54:2

Pray against any satanic plot to endanger our lives as well as our families.  Pray against the plot to release a three-pronged attack on Wailing Women in the areas of strife, finance and health.